Medyrserenel (Medyr) "The Mute"

A mute, elven sorcerer/ranger seeking the Brightening, mastery over the forces raging within, and to return to his waiting love.


Character Information

  • Race: Elf
  • Class: (gestalt) Sorcerer (Elemental/Water)/Ranger
  • Level: 4
  • Deity: Desna
  • Homeland: Kyonin
  • Age: 120
  • Gender: Male

Ability Scores

  • Str: 12
  • Dex: 18
  • Con: 12
  • Int: 14
  • Wis: 15
  • Cha: 18

Combat Information

  • AC: 16
  • HP: 57
  • CMB: +6
  • CMD: 20
  • Fortitude: 6
  • Reflex: 8
  • Will: 6

Note: The fact Medyr is mute is dealt with by removing verbal components and making his spells take longer to cast. His casting times go up by one step. That means he can cast ghost sound only by taking a full round to do so, which poses no real difficulty in everyday life, but in combat and round-based encounters, it proves very tricky. Medyr and I have been in some pretty tough spots because of his handicap. It’s a great role-playing opportunity for me. I’ve also been working on my ventriloquism so I can speak for Medyr without moving my mouth.


  • Point Blank Shot
  • Endurance
  • Arcane Armour Training
  • Weapon Finesse
  • Harrowed

p. Sorcerer:

0th Level

  • Open/close, mage hand, ghost sound, read magic, prestidigitation, detect magic

1st Level

  • Obscuring mist, silent image, chill touch, magic missile, mount

2nd Level

  • Invisibility, chill metal, arcane lock


1st Level

  • Speak with animals

Normal Items:

  • Satchel (left shoulder)
  • Flint and steel (pouch)
  • Belt pouch (belt)
  • Sewing needle x5 (in a tube in his pouch)
  • Waterskin (belt)
  • Whetstone (satchel)
  • Soft, green-white leather boots (feet)
  • Green-white tunic (body)
  • Green-white mantle and hood (shoulders)
  • Light grey wool cloak (shoulders)
  • Green-white hose (legs)
  • Belt from Kyonin (waist)
  • Scabbard from Kyonin (left hip/belt)
  • Knife sheath (left boot)
  • Quiver from Kyonin (back of belt on right side) (30 arrows)
  • Money purse (belt)
  • Ink (pack)
  • Quills x3 (satchel)
  • Small book – parchment pages (satchel)
  • Long bow from Kyonin (quiver)
  • Blanket (rolled and slung over shoulder when traveling)
  • Pieces of longsword from Kyonin (wrapped in cloth, in satchel)
  • Cleaned leather armour formerly belonging to a gnoll (body)

Magical Items:

  • Longsword, +1, Tempest – cold magic (scabbard)
  • Magical brooch, magic missile protection (cloak)

Character Name
p. Medyrserenel/Medyr (Aiming Star = Everyday Name) “the Mute”

p. Nathan

p. Medyrserenel was born in the land of Kyonin 120 years ago on the Summer Solstice of The Ritual of Stardust on Starday. For this reason he is named Medyrserenel, which means “Aiming Star.” It was soon discovered that this “Star Child” was not normal. He could hear, but his mouth made no sounds. He was also small for an elf of Golarion.

As he aged, he became ashamed of his impediment. His mother, Angharadel, saw him as a sign from Desna that fortune would come to her family, though many saw his birth as a cruel joke. It also became apparent that Medyr had gifts that set him apart from most other elves. Again, Medyr’s mother saw this as another blessing from Desna, a redeeming quality in trade for being unable to speak.

His ability to use magic manifested at a young age and nearly drove him mad. Since he could not speak it was difficult to focus enough to control its use. Seeking to temper his abilities and use them to aid in communicating with others, Medyr began to look for ways to quiet his mind. He first apprenticed himself to a silversmith named Llynoridel Olwynodlon. He also studied languages and magic, poetry and, song under a scholar in Kyonin. After a short period he was able to focus well enough to use his magical gifts to give himself speech. He also used these gifts for mischief though, frequently, no one knew from whence the trickery came.

In further efforts to understand his eldritch gifts, Medyr began studies that explored the use of magic, hoping that his research would uncover secrets that would aid him in understanding how to control his “gift.”

Unsure whether it was due to his magic frequently manifesting itself as water he found he preferred the soothing chuckle of rivers and streams and the still, glassy surfaces of lakes and often sought them out to meditate. He discovered an affinity for the still waters and gurgling ribbons that wended their way through the wild elven forests, they calmed his mind.

It was beside one of those quiet bodies one spring morning that he came to a decision to seek another way to better understand himself and his gifts. He guessed that inner wisdom and self-inspection would lead him to self-mastery, and, subsequently, to the Brightening, which he felt was somehow tied to his gifts and the water he so loved.

Shortly after making his decision he departed from Kyonin with the blessing of his tutours and the lamentation of his mother. He had no other siblings and his father had vanished years earlier, departing shortly after his birth. His secret hope was that maybe his father could give him some insight that would hold the key to his power. He also hoped that somehow the dragons of Golarion might hold some glimmer of wisdom that would shine light on his quest.

He discovered a remote monastery and spent two years in training, learning much from the old man who lived there, but was still dissatisfied with his findings. He hoped that continuing his meditations would strengthen his control, but he secretly thought the the teachings of the monk are chiefly for humans who did not have many years to discover their inner natures. He focused his energies on the meditative qualities of his studies, which quieted his mind and strengthened his resolve when he felt the magic creep into his thoughts and begin to overwhelm his spirit.

During his stay at the monastery he found it odd that others bearing affinities to the other elements should also find their way there. Though he harboured a special distaste for the alcoholic dwarf and the half-breed woman, he sensed that the mingling of the four elements was the workings of Desna for some greater purpose. In the two years he spent at the monastery, no others were accepted into the old man’s care. Medyr also found this odd. Though he longs to return home, he feels these two companions may contain a clue to his greater destiny and, possibly, to the Brightness. Yet, there is one nagging question that keeps Medyr wondering, “Where is the air sorcerer?”

p. Medyr is like most other elves. He is mercurial and whimsical, fond of song and dance and things of subtle, lasting beauty. He is mischievous and playful with a touch of wariness and disdain concerning humans. He feels they should not be allowed in his homeland, that Greengold will eventually ruin the elven sensibilities that his people seek to reclaim. He is devoted to his homeland and often wishes to return there and see the shifting walls and immense woodlands once again. More than that, he wishes to return to his beloved, his wife, Denariel.

Medyr wishes to uncover his source of the Brightness and to master his abilities. Though this pursuit has made him a bit hasty in elven eyes, he still retains a great patience and believes that his search will reveal itself through quiet contemplation and self-inquiry. This does not dampen his spirits, however. He realizes the importance of levity and kindness to balance his life. He sings oft of love, nature, and Kyonin.

His beloved, an elf-maiden named Denariel Dandrealara, remains in Kyonin, awaiting his return. He seeks, more than aught else, to be with her again. Though he seeks his destiny outside of his homeland, he wishes to go home for Denariel soon. He sends her word of his experiences whenever he is able. Several of his poems are about her beauty and his longing to return to her. Because of this longing, and his promise, he is not so free with his tongue lest he betray Denariel and her memory. For this reason there is a touch of melancholy that stirs lightly below the surface of his jovial nature.

p. Medyr stands five feet five inches tall, small for an elf, and dresses in a light green, nearly white, long-sleeved tunic and hose, mantle, and hood, a grey wool cloak secured by simple frogs, tooled leather bracers, and soft leather boots that match his tunic. He wears a single silver, leaf-patterned band, given him by Denariel, around his right ring finger. Medyr’s long blonde hair falls about his shoulders in carefully tended waves.

Despite his mischievous nature, Medyr is beautiful, faire even for his own kind, with fine features and an easy demeanour. His laughing, sparkling eyes are finely slanted and large. A single band of quiet grey like a stony beach surrounding a still, reflective pond rings depthless pupils. His fingers are fine, careful, and strong. He is lithe and quick, with long limbs to carry him quickly over the earth.

A noticeable and mysterious quality about Medyr is the use of his magic to speak. He does not move his mouth, and the sound seems to float about him in laughing, ephemeral tones, sometimes seeming to come from all directions at once. He uses this quality to give him an aire of enchantment that, when combined with his unusual beauty and charisma, makes him seem strange and sorcerous. This quality has served him well in the past.

Medyrserenel (Medyr) "The Mute"

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