Legacy of Fire

Chapter 1: The Howl of the Carrion King

As the party began their travels through the desert on their adventure to find whatever it was the old man was looking for, they find themselves struggling to survive the intense heat. Actually, only one of the three finds themselves struggling to survive the heat, Medyr. The party decides to rest for a bit to allow their friend a chance to regain his composure. After a brief rest they continue their quest.

The night brings on a mysterious silhouette and 5 camels near an oasis. The man’s name is Gharavel. He speaks of a nearby camp where the party can rest up. He tells the party that he and the other men at camp are headed to the city of Kelmarane. The party discusses their interest in going to Katapesh and the man agrees to take them their. After finishing their rest for the night they move on to the camp.

The camp is known as the ‘Sultan’s Claw’ for a nearby tree and it’s resemblance to a skeletal claw. As the party marched over the final dune to the camp they noticed smoke coming from the camp. As they approach the camp they see that one of the wagons is afire, animals are running about the place, a soldier is wounded from smoke inhalation and fire, and the fire is soon to spread to another wagon. The party spring into action. Tukato casts enlarge person on himself, grabs a nearby barrel of water, and douses the flames as Medyr runs into the wagon searching for survivors. As the water covers the wagon Medyr leaps from the wagon carrying the body of Eloais, the camp’s astrologer. The man is pronounced dead, as is the wounded soldier. A majority of the camp is grateful for the swift work of the newcomers, with exception to Almah, the merchant princess that leads the group. She sends Tukato after more water and pulls the rest of the camp together so that preparations can be made to recover from the fire.

Once Tukato returns she tasks the party with the investigation regarding the source of the fire. The party sets out after the origins of the fire. They ask various members where they were when the fire started and moments before, and all suspicions seems to point towards Dashki, the camp’s gnoll expert. Once Dashki is confronted he blames the fire on a mysterious creature called a pugwampi. Not much is known about the strange creatures outside of their gnoll obsession. Despite the camp’s decision that Dashki is most likely to blame, Almah issues a search for the pugwampi, with Dashki as a guide.

The party sets out on their hunt for the pugwampi. Dashki locates some tracks and leads the party to a cactus filled area. There they find where a goat stolen from camp has been tied up. The goat, revealed to be Rombard, is hysterical. The goat is tied free and the party decides to head back. It is then that they are attacks by a tiny creature that looks likes an ugly dog. This creature is a pugwampi, and it is very upset they are leaving with it’s goat. The party begins their attack, but find themselves with a new found streak of bad luck. They eventually defeat the nuisance and bring the body back to the camp to show Almah.

After noting that the mysterious pugwampi is more than myth, Almah suggests that the party advance to a nearby monastery that (as far as she knows) has been abandoned for two decades. The party makes their way towards the new site and begin searching the place for unexpected inhabitants. During the search, Medyr is attacked by a pile of living mold. Afterwards he begins to hear strange voices that tell him that he must go to the courtyard of the monastery and dig near the large tree. The party makes their way up and meet Tohrahn, a human priest of Sarenrae. He explains to the party that he has been sent by his sect to cleans the monastery so that it may be restored. He joins the party in their quest and aids them in defeating a small group of pugwampi that dwell in the chapel.

As the party approaches the courtyard, Medyr comes to the realization that he possesses knowledge of every scene depicted on the surrounding frescoes. After Tukato digs near the tree he finds a finely crafted longsword. Since Medyr was the only one in the party who was proficient in the use of a longsword, it was only right for him to receive the sword for use. When Medyr held the blade in his hands a mold, not unlike the mold that attacked him earlier, grew around his forearm. Shocked by the experience, Medyr threw the blade onto a nearby pile of dirt and turned his back to it. Freda’s examination of the sword revealed that the mold did not appear when she held it.

The party, after full completion of the cleansing of the monastery, decides to rest and begin preparations on restoring the building. The next day they head back to camp and move the group into the monastery.


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