Atop a large mountain in what seems to be the middle of a massive desert, the hot sun is beating down on a small dojo surrounded by a larg stone wall. Three figures stand around a bed. A sickly old man is lying on the bed. With every passing second he seems to fall deepr and deeper into what will most likely be his final sleep. He is breathing heavily and occasionally throws out a cough. “My students. Please draw closer. Your training is far from complete. You must travel to the city of Katapesh. Along the way you will find the Lilly Pond. But be warned, for it is protected by a Golden Monkey. The owl on the oak path will elude you.” He pauses to cough. As he removes the handkerchief from his mouth a small collection of red can be seen left behind from his most recent fit. “The tree people will know you are coming. If you make it that far the Golarian gods will give you one. The Sh’endors will lead you to the cave of three eyes. Once you get to the cave of three eyes you must be carfeul, for there are moats of quick sand. The cave is guarded by a gentle old man, Chezbarrack. He will trade information for treasure. Once past the third eye of the cave you will come to the village of the KWanaback. The village houses an old witch-doctor, he will give you . . .” The man pauses, coughs some more, and releases the remainder of his breath. His movement ceases and he finally drifts into afterlife. Your adventure begins now.

Legacy of Fire

Kenzie Eclipticscribe